5 Nov 2018

Haeata Curriculum General Reflection

I wanted to do some work with the overarching aspects of the Curriculum and I decided to do this to be able to see it all at once.  I put some of my own wording in for the definitions of things.  

It seems to me that the
  • Values are what drive our actions.
  • Essential Agreements are what we are developing.
  • Dispositions are what we want to be.
  • Principles are a guide for designing of learning.

It will be good to reflect on my actions as I go along to see how they align with the Curriculum and if there is any realignment needed moving forward. I feel that so much of this is what is a part of me and my beliefs around learning that there almost always is alignment in some area, yet it is good to use these as a part of the daily language.

1 comment:

  1. Nice summary of the backbone of Haeata curriculum Campbell.