26 Nov 2017

What is Dynamic Collaboration?

What is Dynamic Collaboration? I have no idea.  The thought just popped into my head and I want to see where this goes...

Often we are organised into static groups to work together, in school small group work happens a lot and this is accepted as a good thing.

I think dynamic collaboration can be a way of describing the messy and multifaceted reality of working with a lot of different people, that all have different focuses and goals.  It is about an individual driving their own connections with others to help them achieve their own goals, also while contributing to the others goals.

What could this look like in the classroom?

Small group work where the group has goals to achieve but so do the individuals at the same time.  The potential work to sort this out by the students would mean organizing when to work together with their static group and when to engage with others to help them out or ask for assistance. 

There will be some students that thrive working on their own and some that do not know how to ask for help, what a good opportunity it would be to challenge these students to work with others in a student driven way.

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