22 Aug 2017

Citizenship Gold Reflections Mid 2017

Some of the Gold Reflections as of Mid 2017

2017 Orion Prime Term 2
Question: How Is Morality Important When The Law Doesn't Cover A Situation?

Answer: Morality is important when the law doesn't cover a situation because you don't need rules or someone telling you what the right or wrong things are, you just need to do what you think is right for you and/or community. Today I received an 80 game ban on Minecraft for attempting to kill someone and killing someone. I thought that because there was no law about attempted murder, it was right to attempt to kill someone. We had a talk about wether it was right or wrong, even if there was no law about it. I learnt about morality and looking back, it was the wrong thing to do. I think that this is good for the future because it will make me think about morality when I see litter on ground, wether I should pick it up or keep walking etc.

2016 Term 1 World Without Order
In the game me and a few friends decided to make a group. Our name was YOZA group. We made the group so we could recognise us all as one community. I was outlaw_yoza. We created a group headquarters where we could meet and do stuff like that. We were so dominant that other people started stealing names or naming themselves EC_yoza or psyosa and tried to join or tried to kill us so we changed our name to power and called the house power house. We are the most dominant group in the game and we wrecked people.  We made our own community to smartly outdo the opponents and create peace in a small section in our world. I learned the work of team work and working together so much that we became the best group in school.  We could build more bases and expand our land until we have so much that everyone will listen to powers commands and we could create a community.  Teaming up is not challenging at all the only challenging thing is that some people might not pull their weight and might betray the team.  A message to anybody in 9B or the school. If you think your group or yourself can take us on come to power house and we can arrange something to happen (?v8) because we are the best in the whole school and you don't sand a chance so try us.  Im making this statement to prove we are the best POWER HOUSE!!

2016 Term 3 Clan Wars
What happened?
In the farming world the Swarm made a few basses around the world and I made a house which had nothing in it but it was a fishing dock so I could gather fish for food for the others.
What did I learn?
I learnt how to solve conflicts because someone came and killed me and I ask politely for my items to be returned and after a little discussion he did, and that's how people should face problems with other people in life because it works without violence.
How can I apply my learning?
In life I can just ask for things that have been taken from me instead of retaliating badly as it might get me into trouble in the future.

2017 Term 1
What did I do?
I hunted and killed some cows. I gained wood by axing down trees. I also collected a few seeds.
What did I learn?
I learnt that you have to take your time and not everything comes to you straight away, it takes time.
How do I apply that to my life?
If I want something in my life I can't just expect it to come to me,I've got to go get it if I really want it.

2016 Term 1 World Without Order
“I learnt that my feelings are just the same as everybody else's and that no singular person on earth is any more important. For example Barack Obama is just the same as a hungry kid in poverty, we are all humans we are all part of one society and we're all living life. Things that you say or do can affect people in good or bad ways, especially if we continue to say these things. I learnt this from Minecraft when everybody was fighting and trying to make a one high power.”

2016 Term 2
The treaty does work however, but there are times when the police are fighting a losing war, they need more power so that they can defend the normal people. This is a useful thing to know because as a community, we have to be able to ensure that we can keep the peace. We can't always rely on cops, we have to rely on each other as well.

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