4 Apr 2017

Devices are like Superpowers

Should we teach students about morality so they can apply this to their use of devices when they are allowed?

Should we teach students how to use their devices responsible and how to use them by allowing them open access?

Should we be teaching both at the same time?

At what age can people really engage their mental faculties to manage the the power and responsibility of full access to devices and the internet?

Having access to devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops) that are connected to the internet is like being spiderman or super man.  

With great power comes great responsibility.  What happens to high school graduates that go on to work or university without being able to manage the responsibility that comes with full access to devices?
People will have full access to devices and the internet at some stage in their life.  Usually by the time they are 18 and often much younger, sometimes under 10.  

If people do not learn the significance of the power they hole to do good and do bad they will not appreciate the weight of responsibility that has been placed upon their shoulders to make decisions.

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