15 Mar 2017

Student Reflection on Citizenship after a few classes in term one

Deep yet simple! Lol

What did I learn today? 
Today I learnt about team work. Obviously I know about team work but today no one killed anyone and everyone worked together to finish the house.

Citizenship reflection:

What have I learnt so far? I have learnt that to be a good citizen you have to act mature. We also did a lot about having a growth mindset. We made a video explaining what a growth mindset is. Anyway, to be a good citizen you don't have to be perfect in everything you do, you just have to be nice to people.

What have I learnt about citizenship?

Citizenship is very important to everyday life. We do it without knowing it. I have learnt that being a citizen you have to be able to communicate clearly and think of others. In class we use a app to learn about citizenship. We elected ministers for different areas such as Gathering resources, building houses, law and many others. When we have chosen our ministers we split into teams and work. While we are working, we learn what makes a good citizen. I think what makes a good citizen is that you need to be considerate, contributes, and are willing to help. The difference between being a bad citizen is that you disobey the rules and abuse property. I could use the knowledge in the cabins if we are doing jobs in the morning or I could use it in class when someone needs help with something. I have learnt a lot about citizenship over the term and I can't wait to use it

What did I do?

I hunted and killed some cows. I gained wood by axing down trees. I also collected a few seeds.

What did I learn?
I learnt that you have to take your time and not everything comes to you straight away, it takes time.

How do I apply that to my life?

If I want something in my life I can't just expect it to come to me,I've got to go get it if I really want it.

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