19 Oct 2016

Using Minecraft to Teach Citizenship

During 2016 I took a leap and decided to take my year 9 Social Studies classes in a very new direction. I leant heavily on experience based learning activities.  Teaching citizenship skills was the overarching goal as in the New Zealand Curriculum. I used Minecraft Mobile on the school iPads as the activity.

At the beginning of the year there was no support in the app for multiplayer that I was able to control for the entire class (there was limited iPad to iPad multiplayer).  I used PocketMine which is third party server software.  This came with heaps of features missing from the game but gave a platform that the whole class could get onto.  

Dilworth School Song Training

 So the reason  i did this was so my school could learn this song better listen to its notes and learn to play. I had a great time well doing this it was fun learning how to code and maybe leave a legacy for future school members and find something i may be interested in the future.

How to use this you move the mouse over the notes to follow the computerpressing e or easy would have a lower tempo then h or hard the flag stars the mouse prosses that make the mouse useable it and red sign to stop m e h atervate the computer playing.  From Lucien Benson