10 Mar 2016

Minecraft Community Session 3

This is the third one hour session of the community simulator.  Things are starting to settle down in a rythm a bit for each class.  They understanding the world and the basics of how it works.  The culture and societies that are evolving are different from dog eat dog and survival of the fittest societies to ones that are going through the challenging process of setting up rules and order.

Alpha Group

These guys are starting to get organised the majority of this group want to have progress and create.  There are still some that think it is fun to run around trolling people by killing them and taking their stuff however this number is diminishing as the law of the masses takes over.
Sky houses without doors for protection

There are several small groups that have built their own houses.  The ones that have been successful have good defense.  Different methods used for this are hiding away from the spawn point over the horizon, building in the air, having no door, and posting guards.
The beginnings of the arena
There is a movement to build an arena that is designed as the only area of fighting and killing.  Testing each others skills against each other is an important part of being a boy and this seems necessary.  I have great visions of organised tournaments being held here in the future.  I have been helping build the arena, finally something that I can do without being killed.

Bravo Group

These guys have got a little of organisation going on.  There are a few small groups that have organised a defence amongst the disorder but they are struggling as there are too many people that are focused on destruction rather than creation.

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