23 Nov 2015

Legacy Projects

This is a special week for our students.  While half the Campus is out on Expedition, (which is a cool experience in itself), the half that stay in focus on a what we call a Legacy Project.
Pounamu and Swamp Kauri Toki for a Koha 

This was my favourite project

This is pretty self explanatory and is what is sounds like, a project to leave a Legacy behind at the campus.  Something they are proud of that can benefit the future students coming here.
Wall mural with a message from the boys to the boys.

These project range from the very tangible, things like artwork, building furniture, records boards.

Sports field Score Board

Also the intangible, things like, composing music, advice for the next cohort, teaching units.
Minecraft world for Social Studies Unit

All of this gets wrapped up at the end of the year at a Celebration of Learning Day.  Here they make a presenation board showing their Legacy Project and what they have learned.  The community is invited to come and view this and while the students stand beside their work community members wander around and ask questions.  It is a great way to connect with the community and for the students to show off what they have achieved and learned.
 Mural for the gym

Hockey tournament trophy 

Leavers gift for staff 

Basketball competition trophey

 Mural for the gym all this years cohort will sign the outside border

 Shoe rack for a cabin

 Slab bench for a hang out space
Art work for the Cabin 

Massive mural for all pupils of the cohort to sign. 

Spoken word written and performed about making choices in life 

Table with wheels of to be used in many ways in the Cabin.

Art work

 Making your own knife, very cool.

The display board for making your own knife

Leavers hoodies and cap

Artwork for a Cabin 

Hockey Trophy for our Annual Sports Exchange 

Leaving gift for a staff member 

Records board for our 14km annual running event

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