23 Nov 2015

Legacy Projects

This is a special week for our students.  While half the Campus is out on Expedition, (which is a cool experience in itself), the half that stay in focus on a what we call a Legacy Project.
Pounamu and Swamp Kauri Toki for a Koha 

19 Nov 2015

Using 1:1 iPad minis in the Classroom

I can't compare using these devices to anything else like netbooks or laptops or BYOD as I have not had a school where we used these.  What we do have here is 1:1 iPad mini's provided by the school.  I have put together the most important aspects of what it is like to teach with these devices.  Our campus is only year 9 and they are with us for one year.

11 Nov 2015

Minecraft Community SImulator - Pocket Mine Server for Pocket Edition for Education

I have starting testing my ideas out for a community simulator using Minecraft.  My goal is to create a world for each of my Year 9 Social Studies classes where they can practice and reflect upon the skills of being a Citizen in a engaging environment that gives immediate game based feedback as well as engaging with real life interactions and relationships with their peers in the community.

The Seven Citizenship Skills we have as core to the Social Studies Curriculum are:

  • Collaboration 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Communication
  • Analysing perspectives
  • Creative thinking

9 Nov 2015

A School Focusing On Outdoors, Social Learning and Academic?

It is with great pleasure that I host this guest blog from a very talented student at Rural Campus this year. Enjoy learning about his Journey to create this amazing documentary...
A School Focusing On Outdoors, Social Learning and Academic?
Written by Paolo Aquino
Dilworth Rural Campus - Te Haerenga,  has since been adapted to become a school, which aims to utilise the natural, rural environment and the outdoors to enhance the learning of 14 year old boys.

As part of my Community Project, I have produced a 13 minute documentary examining life inside Te Haerenga.