12 Oct 2015

Zomitis - We Found a Zombie! Integrated Inquiry Unit Day One

We have just started a three week integrated unit at school.  It it is focusing on the investigation of Infectious Disease.  The context we are using is Zomitis - kinda like World War Z if you have seen the movie.  

This first day was awesome all the teachers had so much fun and I hope the students did too.

The students tell the story the best so here is what they have been going through.

Student Perspective 1

The best part is there is more to come:
  • Scientific Investigations in the signs and symptons and growing stuff in petri dishes
  • Statsical investigation into the spread of disease and the infected
  • Team work and team strategy development through wide games
  • New words and interpretation of text through task briefing and jargon
  • Gamification by gathering XP during the learning tasks to spend on power ups for the final mission

All credit to Hania Aitken for making such an awesome Zombie, Epic win for the start of our unit

I am very excited and looking forward the rest!

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