16 Feb 2015

Brain Storming for Project ideas you are Passionate About

Brainstorming Definition
A Process for generating new ideas

Brainstorming is a great way to coming up with heaps of different ideas to solve a problem or make a choice.  It is important to create as many ideas as possible before you mind settles on one.  This way you can be sure you end up with the best idea you can generate for your situation.

Individual Brainstorm

Problem: What should I do for my Project?...

What is passion? 

How do mind maps work?

  1. Put the main idea in the middle.
  2. Put topics linked to the main idea 
  3. Then specific ideas linked with the topics.

Choose your own mind map template.
Use one of the mind map templates from this doc

Example Ideas for Project Topics

  • Sports
  • Performing Arts/Music
  • Engineering
  • Tech/Building
  • Video/Photo Media
  • Gardening/Growing
  • Engines
  • Art
  • Games
  • Digital World
  • History
  • Family

Write down all the ideas you can in any order anywhere on the back of your mind map.

Then fill in the mind map on the front.

  1. Start with the main idea
  2. Then fill in all the topics you are interested in
  3. Then add all your ideas from the back of the page
  4. Then add any new ideas you have.

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