31 Oct 2014

Gamification with Class Dojo

I am setting up a levelling up system using Class Dojo as the frame work.  Class Dojo is great for

allocating points easily and quickly to individuals in your class for what ever you set it up for.  My system involves 6 Levels. I have used chess pieces and colour to show the progression of levels.  Each level needs an increasing amount of points to level up...

There is also some prizes and lollies associated with levelling up.

When the reach the max level of King and get all the points with it they can choose:
A. to choose a different custom avatar and keep scoring points infinitly
B. Trade in all their effort for a little Prestige = restart with the same avatars with a star in the corner, very similar to online first person shooting games like Call of Duty.

So Far I have just begun with one class of Year 9/13-14 year olds.  They are very engaged and keep reminding me to update their avatars when they get enough points.

I am currently giving out points for task completion +2, helping someone out +1, on time to class +1, good idea/question +1, Grading of work +1,2 or 3,  Task completion on time +3.

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