23 Sep 2013

iPad Success! 1 on 1 Student Advert Comp

We have been doing a unit on Consumerism for the past few weeks and this is the final product from a Year 9 Class.

The Brief

  1. Make a 30 sec video 'selling' a future focused positive consumer behaviour.
  2. The best two from the class will be posted on You Tube to compete for the most views.

Tell us in the comments which is your favourite.

Get A Bike

Hang Your Washing


  1. Both videos have the potential to be developed into longer clips. Get a Bike uses clips with more authority to convey a simpler message while Hang Your Washing has an effective message and uses humour and cultural awareness to expose a valuable message. Both are effective and it will be good to see them develop further. Mr Smith

    1. Thanks for your feedback I will pass it on to the Students. What thoughts do you have in terms of how to develop them further?