21 Sep 2013

How to Fast Track Collaboration

Collaboration is an integral part of teaching and learning for the 21st Century.  True collaboration is a process and begins when we meet people.  The stronger the foundations of the relationships we develop the better our collaboration will be.

The best way to develop strong foundations is by learning and using peoples names surprisingly fast. So fast that they get taken aback, look at you twice, then smile and feel valued.

This short activity has the bonuses of getting people active and the blood flowing with a bit of fun while you learn everyones names.


Be the last one Standing

Game Play

  1. The group stand in a circle arm length apart.
  2. One person stands in the middle, the King or Queen Splatter.
  3. To Splat someone you need to hold your hand towards a person palm out and yell "Splat insert name" (insert the real name of the person you are pointing at).
  4. The King or Queen always starts by looking around the circle and splatting someone.
  5. That person (the one that got Splatted) gets a chance to duck and avoid the blast.
  6. This gives the two people on either side a chance to Splat each other over the top of the ducked person (these two cannot duck).
  7. The fastest person wins. 
  8. If you get Splatted you are eliminated from the circle.
  9. King or Queen Splatter carries on like this.
  10. Eventually there will be two people left, time for a Splat Off.
  11. Standing back to back the walk in time to the count of the King or Queen splatter away from each other.
  12. The King or Queen Splatter yells splat at a random time and the last two spin and splat each other the fastest wins.

The fastest splatter wins but their yell must be intelligible.
If there is no clear fastest splatter it can be a draw and you continue.
If you don't duck in time for the two on either side to splat then you are out.

This is great for learning names, once the group gets the hang of it they can run it themselves and the teacher/facilitator can step out and try to memorise all the names.  This tactic works well as they are all shouting out each others names to help remind you.

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