18 Sep 2013

2 Reasons Apple TV is a must for Paperless Classrooms

Apple TV opens up the possibilities for learners sharing their work and the possibilities for teacher placement in the room.  I am fortunate to work in a environment with 1:1 iPads supplied by the school and this does make a difference to the poser of ATV.

1. Immediate Sharing or Work
Being able to project work from any Device in the room with a push of a button makes sharing a
simply photo, paragraph, website, short video (yes it wirelessly sends sound too), etc so easy.  It is similar to putting up hands and asking for feedback.  Imagine saying who wants to share what they have created and then flicking it to the big screen for them to explain it from their desk. Easy.

2. Teach From Anywhere in the Classroom
By carrying my device around the classroom I can be anywhere in the classroom and have what I am talking about on the big screen.  This can be really useful for live documents.  Using a google spreadsheet to check of students tasks as I go around with my device and they can see the live doc on the big screen being updated.

Less Cables and Wires
Obvious but nice.

VGA Projector?
Most projectors have the VGA connector, there is an easy and simple way around this. Use the Kanex HDMI to VGA converter, just plug it in and go. (See picture on Left)

These principles would work with any device as long as you sort out compatible wireless streaming.  It really adds a sense of ease of use to the classroom, making the connection between developing digital work and sharing it much more real.  It is a challenge having a paperless classroom and seeing everyones work this makes it far more accessible.

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